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New Winter Sports Season Starts at KIS
Written by Justin Yonghoo Cho | Published. 2021.12.21 17:11 | Count : 825

[source: KIS yearbook team by KIS 9th grade Jason Lee]     

Korea International School Pangyo (KIS) is starting a new winter sports season. The winter sports played at KIS are swimming, cheerleading, table tennis, and basketball. Except for table tennis, all of the sports consist of two teams: junior varsity and varsity.


The reason why table tennis does not have any junior varsity or varsity team is because KIS has just started trying it in high school. This is because KIS has not created any varsity teams yet.


First, I will write about table tennis. KIS table tennis consists of 16 players of a variety of ages, from freshmen to seniors. KIS holds practice from 3:15pm to 5pm, and one-on-one games are played.


Sometimes, KIS holds an in-school tournament to see who is the most skillful player and help players improve their table tennis skills. When games are not being played, the coaches teach the students how to improve or develop their skills. The KIDS table tennis team is planning to connect with other teams by hosting a tournament.


A freshman named Connor is currently playing on the KIDS table tennis team. He said, “Table tennis is a fast-paced sport, which is one of the biggest reasons why I decided to join the team. I am enjoying the games and training right now, and I can’t wait to join the varsity or junior varsity team next year, if the school creates them.”


The second sport is one of the most famous sports at KIS, basketball. KIS basketball teams are divided into boys and girls squads, each of which has a junior varsity team and a varsity team.


The reason why basketball is the most famous sport during the winter season is that many people are familiar with the rules of basketball. Basketball is one of the most famous sports in the world.


A freshman named Ethan said that basketball is a challenging sport at KIS. He said, “I love basketball. It is the sport I enjoy the most and am most confident playing. However, I think it is one of the most challenging sports currently because there are so many players competing for the varsity team. I hope I can join the varsity next time.”


The third sport is swimming. Swimming consists of varsity and junior varsity teams. It is one of the most competitive sports because most of the players have similar records. There are about 20 players, which is quite a lot, making it very difficult to join the varsity team, especially for boys.


A freshman varsity swimmer named William said, “The KID swimming team was way harder than I expected. Juniors and seniors were swimming much faster than me. My only achievement was making the varsity team."


The last sport is cheerleading. The cheerleading team performs for basketball games and other sports. Most of the cheerleading team consists of girls and is divided into varsity and junior varsity squads.


"I was surprised at how many people participated," said Anna, one of the freshman junior varsity players. It was way harder than I thought to join the varsity team because many of the people trying out were better than me.”

It will last until the start of the winter break in December, and the new season will begin after the break.


Justin Yonghoo Cho
Grade 9
Korea International School Pangyo




Justin Yonghoo Cho  hsr@dherald.com

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