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Mercedes-Benz and bus crash, no casualties
Written by Yuna Hong | Published. 2021.12.31 12:25 | Count : 863

[Photo of the crash. Photo courtesy of Yuna Hong]

On December 17, 2021, a traffic accident between a Mercedes-Benz and a bus occurred near Goyang Police station. It was fortunate that there were no severe injuries or deaths compared to the size of the accident.   

A black Mercedes-Benz car and a red bus 1200, had crashed. The crash had caused pieces of the black car to pop off with the windows broken. The 1200 bus was in better condition than the Mercedes-Benz car. 

Immediately, the bus driver got out of his bus and went to the driver’s seat to see if the car driver was okay. Fortunately, he was not severely injured. The bus driver took out his phone and called the police. Minutes later, several police cars arrived. The police were very quick to arrive at the accident as it occured near the police station.                 

As more police cars came, ambulances and firetrucks arrived as well. Nurses, firefighters, and police officers filled the roads. Using whistles and red lighted traffic sticks, they were busy signaling the cars and buses.  The Police fighters were busy handling the traffic of the other cars since three-fourths of the road was taken up by this accident.

 The nurses told the passengers of the bus to get off. After everyone was off, the nurses told them to get inside the ambulance. Although the person who was the most injured was the driver of the Mercedes-benz, they still needed to get checked up as it was a big accident. This accident took a long time to solve as it was not one of those small and simple accidents. 









Yuna Hong
Grade 10
Seoul Global High School



Yuna Hong  hsr@dherald.com

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