There are More than You Think in the Museum of Fine Art Boston
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Museum of Fine Art Boston is more than simply a collection of artworks; there is also a café inside on the premises for those who want to dine and browse around the museum again. Founded in the 1870s, the Museum of Fine Arts Boston (MFA Boston) is the world's 20th largest art museum, located in Boston, Massachusetts.

The MFA Boston is one of the most extensive art museums, with almost 500,000 works of art divided into 13 different collections. MFA Boston was chosen as one of the top two most appealing places in Boston.

MFA Boston has three ground-floor galleries. The first and second floors are separated into exhibition rooms for Asia, Europe, Africa, the ancient world, and contemporary art. The third floor contains the art of the Americas.

The most common feature about Asia, Europe, and Africa is that since those three continents peeled the rock and devised new objects with pottery in the histories, many potteries and sculptures explain their histories. 

Paintings are placed tightly on all walls in the massive exhibition area on one side of the second floor. The majority of them are medieval European masterpieces, with portraits and landscapes dominating. People who look closely at paintings and sit on a sofa installed in the center of the exhibition room to admire them in greater detail are among those who frequent this location to appreciate remarkable artworks.

Furthermore, the Boston Museum of Art has extensive expertise with eastern art displays. It is well-known for housing a large number of oriental art collections, as well as exhibition halls from three major East Asian countries, including the Korean Pavilion.

Paintings from the Song Dynasty, achieved the pinnacle of Chinese ink paintings and watercolors, Japanese representative paintings "Ukiyoe," and Korean paintings on the Korean Peninsula, including white porcelain and celadon, are typical examples. Other than these well-known oriental art, the Korean section displays Goguryeo, Baekje, and Silla period accessories including Jaju, and Sarigu. 

In contrast to the Asia, Europe, and Africa sections, the America department displays a lot of furniture from the same era such as desks and chairs. In addition, there are a few chambers in between the art works that portray how the room looked in that era. One of 

the most prominent rooms is called “Galleries of Oak Hill Rooms”. Portraits of crucial historians are also included in the department. George Washington, Elizebeth Rose, Belcolore, and others are examples. 

Unlike the other museum, MFA Boston offers a café called “The American Café”. So, people can look around the huge museum all day without leaving. Aside from the material provided above, the MFA Boston offers a range of programs.

The film, studio arts, performance arts, and so forth are examples. Multiple museum shops selling items like posters, books, and postcards are immediately outside the entryway. It will lead to the outside of the museum after passing through the shops. Thus, MFA Boston proves to be more than just having artwork.









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