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Korea's everlasting poet: Yun Dong Ju
Written by Haeji Kim | Published. 2016.02.25 15:49 | Count : 2995

“Dong Ju” Movie poster

       “In the well, the moon is bright; clouds saunter; the sky spreads; blue winds breathe; the autumn dwells; and there is a man.” 


 The man who wrote these words lived through one of darkest periods in Korean history and is back in the spotlight through the recently released movie called, “DongJu.” Yun Dong-Ju is a well renowned poet in Korea. He wrote so many touching poems that reflect on his emotions during the era under Japanese colonial rule. Many Koreans, especially those who suffered during the Japanese Occupation, connect with the emotions in his poems. The director of “DongJu”, Lee Joon-ik, created a marvelous and authentic movie that reflects on the life of Yun Dong Ju to conjure up these heartwarming poems and emotions.

    The movie starts with the scene with Yun Dong Ju and his cousin, Song Mong-gyu, living in their hometown with their families. The movie then talks about their lives as poets and writers during the Japanese Colonial era, and how this influenced their behavior and convictions towards their country. This movie is not exactly a documentary simply talking about people’s lives, but a movie full of a dramatic yet tragic story which shows the lives of two heroes who truly represented the real meaning of living as a “Korean” back in the darkest era.

    “Dong Ju” has received huge applause and great praise from the movie going audiences giving viewers time to think about one of the greatest historical figures of our lifetimes, and to make people recognize the important moments in our Korean history. The movie was unbelievably well cast because the actors successfully immersed themselves into their roles of Yun Dong Ju and Song Mong-gyu. For Kang Ha-neul, who played the role Yun Dong Ju, there wasn’t any need for words. He totally lost himself in his character which convinced me that Kang was the actual Yun Dong Ju. Not only this, but the reciting of Yun Dong-Ju’s poems throughout the movie made my heart warm. Whenever an extract of Yun Dong Ju’s poems were recited in the midst of the movie, it gave me so much pleasure and comfort.

     The movie didn’t have a happy ending with everyone leaving the theater full of happiness and joy. However, I personally felt glad that the director, Lee, brought out this marvelous story to the big screen for everyone to recognize this young man’s perseverance and the efforts he put into saving our country. Yun Dong Ju is eternal, and will remain as an everlasting poet in every Korean’s heart.

Haeji Kim
11th grade
Chadwick International School

Haeji Kim  dh069@dherald.com

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