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The pondering debate about EVs
Written by Matthew Choi | Published. 2016.07.04 18:39 | Count : 1239
          These days, the world is now concerned about the issue of global warming. As of now, global warming has become a huge issue due to the rising sea levels and the huge amount of immigrants leaving the islands they used to live in for safety. Now, a possible solution to delay this is to promote a type of energy that doesn’t produce CO2, being EVs(Electric Vehicles). On the other hand, vehicles utilizing coal, oil or more as fuel are producing the CO2 and increasing the effects of global warming.
          The future of EVs as well as what might happen were forecasted by several college students, and responded to three questions that were given to them. This time, I asked college students instead of classmates, due to the higher level of knowledge they acquired compared to my classmates, and also because some college students were drivers and potential car tycoons in the future. My questions were devised to be more complicated, as well as very logical due to how EVs’ abilities were more versatile in comparison to fuel powered vehicles.
          I interviewed twelve people for the questions.
Q: Do you personally think that EVs are benefiting the environment?
P1: Yes, probably because of the clean energy that is being used in the vehicle. The energy does not produce waste, and it is extremely beneficial in order to simplify the effects of global warming.
P2: Yes, due to the fact that we need to do something about global warming. The polar bears are all dying off, as well as other species, and we need to do something about it.
P3: No, this is a ruse for countries to pay money to organizations, and they will take the money for themselves. The EVs are all photoshopped by the government
P4: Yes, this is the best way for humanity to prevent the sea levels from rising along with the closing of fuel powered factories and promotion of non fossil fuel utilizing technology.
P5: Yes, EVs might be a ruse for places like google to make money, but it is more useful and more reliable than fuel-powered vehicles that produce more and more destructive gases into the atmosphere.
Q2: Do you think that the rising amounts of EVs are going to harm or benefit the economy?
P6: It would not destroy the economy, it will improve it. This tech will be sold out due to its pros and small amount of cons, such as not making harmful waste.
P7: The economy has had an increased GDP due to the new technology such as the Iphone, a revolutionary piece of technology that changed the world forever. This has increased the GDP of the US exponentially, and EVs will do the same thing, but this time to the world.
P8: The economy would not be adapting to such a huge and rapid change in technology and would become depleted due to its inability to adapt to new situations. Some may say this tech is revolutionary, but it’s basically obsolete tech from the 20th century remodeled and rebuilt with modern tech.
P9: The economy would collapse due to the disappearance of the automobile, boats, airplanes and more vehicles utilizing fuel as energy. This would cause a huge slump in the economy beyond that of the great depression. Also, such a huge change in the economy would cause an economic breakdown that would bankrupt governments and car companies due to their need of fossil fuels. This would also devastate the countries that rely on fossil fuels to make money.
P10: The economy would improve due to the creation of a new industry and the increase of production. However, the costs would be higher than that of fuel powered cars, for solar batteries are expensive, and wind power is not adapted for non-stationary objects.
Q3: Assuming that the EVs are depleting the economy, would you still support EVs based on benefiting the environment or would you take care of the economy?
P11: If EVs are going against the economy, I would use different energy sources such as Wind, water, solar energy, and more as alternative energy sources for different things. If they don’t work, then a new energy source would have to be invented or found.
P12: I would support it, because it is for humanity, and it is also going to be the way that would help the environment the most. This is because wind power requires more windmills, solar energy cannot be used at night, and hydro power has a probability of polluting the water while construction. Electrical power would save everything, for it only requires an everlasting power source and if it is limited, then it can be recharged.
Overall, I would support electrical vehicles like what the majority of the students said. However, the things that need to be fixed are how to make it as advanced as the fuel powered cars, how to make it resilient to chemical reactions and how to make people ditch their old cars for new ones.
Matthew Choi
Grade 8
Asia Pacific International School

Matthew Choi  dh069@dherald.com

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