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Written by Yookyung Jin | Published. 2016.11.01 20:43 | Count : 905
My school actively connects with universities in the United States of America and in other overseas countries. Every year, Linden Tour — a group of colleges and universities — takes place at our campus, providing students to explore schools they are interested in. Additionally, the list of colleges and universities that are visiting us on each set date is posted in advance on our family connection website so that the students can not only look up the schools but also fit them with their schedule. Usually, the representative(s) or administration officer(s)lecture about the specifics of the school such as their location, surroundings, traditions, majors, research programs, campus life, and application requirements. Students can both listen to the valuable lectures and ask personal questions afterwards as well.
On October 4th, 2016, the New York University Abu Dhabi administration officer came to Korea International School, Jeju for a college visit. Students who signed up for the college visit gathered in the high school learning center.
NYU Abu Dhabi, a liberal arts and research university, is one of the eleven campuses of New York University, located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The NYUAD curriculum offers 22 majors under five academic divisions: arts & humanities, engineering, science, social science, and multidisciplinary. During the lecture, the administration officer continuously put emphasis on how NYUAD is a globalized school. Because it is located in the Middle East, it has students from many different countries, such as the United States, China, South Korea, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Hungary, Japan, Jordan, and Nepal.
The most striking and impressive statement was that NYU Abu Dhabi offers great opportunities for undergraduate students as it highly values research as a fundamental mode of learning. Students can travel to other countries for in-depth study depending on their majors, and also have the opportunity to apply for summer research as well. For example, two NYUAD students, Ahlam Al Qasim and Fatema Al Khouri, hoping to contribute to UAE’s space program, took part in a three-week research internship at the Italian Space Agency. For the students who are very passionate about learning, developing their creativity and challenging themselves, NYU Abu Dhabi would be a great match considering both its numerous chances of scholarships and diverse research programs.
Furthermore, NYUAD holds a Candidate Weekend for prospective students. During the Candidate Weekend, students invited by the Admissions Committee get a chance to take a sample classes, have individual discussions with leadership teams and faculties, experience a tour of Abu Dhabi, and travel around the campus.
Personally, NYUAD was the most impressive college visit so far because the representative gave the most specific, detailed, and sharp explanation about the college, inspiring me to have a goal and stimulating my future plan in regards to the college selection process. Students from all grade levels enjoyed the college visit and are looking forward to attend upcoming college visits. I wish the best of luck to the seniors who are waiting for their first result of the college applications.


Yookyung Jin
Grade: 11
School: Korea International School, Jeju

Yookyung Jin  student_reporter@dherald.com

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