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Finally, the Day Has Come
Written by Yookyung Jin | Published. 2016.12.05 19:01 | Count : 761
During the fall break, the second class of graduates finalized their early college applications. Students who are ready with their scores, essays, recommendations, and who have a strong desire to get into their colleges, stop by the administration office frequently. 
Ms. Abukazam worked really hard with the students who aimed to hear delightful news. Preparations for college applications start with the counselors meeting with juniors in the second semester to support their curriculum. Students used their résumés in the Family Connection in Naviance that guided to a general résumé that could fit in one page. College visit information was also provided for the students as they began to realize it as a significant factor in decision-making. The seniors then got to individually meet with their counselors in order to narrow down their focus. They discussed questions such as why they want to a certain school. Having a solid reason why you want to apply should go beyond the top schools, broad chances. 
Responsibility, self-management, self-awareness, self-love, and social skills are essential when transitioning to the United States because you need to be able to find information and resources independently. Thus the counselor empowers students with possessed skills and encouragement for the engagement. 
The majority of our seniors completed at least one required test for university - 92% of the seniors decided where they were applying for priority, early, and regular decision. 100% of seniors who applied for early have matched their common application in their Family Connection and submitted at least one letter of recommendation. Ms. Abukazam advised, “A strategy for the letter of recommendation is that you have to be responsible for showing curiosity, responsibility, and advocating yourself.”
It is critical to open our minds to look beyond the traditional trajectory of what we feel is expected of us, do what we really feel in our hearts, and not worry about what future employers will think of us. Ms. Abukazam emphasized that, “Success has nothing to do with university. It’s about how you develop yourself.”

It is hard to choose one particular major among the thousands of choices. “I wanted to study animals since I was very young, so I chose the major that I had the genuine interest in, but I also have friends who are unsure of what they want to major in. They just need to find schools that are flexible in changing majors or those that offer undecided major at the beginning of freshman year. There is no need to rush when choosing your path!” said Katniss, the senior president of KISJ TAIL Club. She had a clear picture of what she wanted to do and did not hesitate to choose Animal Science as her major. 

Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters. It is hard to believe that the number next to our email crystallized into a reality. Let’s all wish the seniors the best of luck! 


Yookyung Jin
Grade: 11
Korea International School, Jeju

Yookyung Jin  student_reporter@dherald.com

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