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SEOMUN: Embracing Diversity
Written by Jason Whang | Published. 2017.01.12 20:05 | Count : 1435
The Seoul Model United Nations (SEOMUN) conference is a three-day Model United Nations simulation for High School students. SEOMUN is an annual conference organized by different international schools in Korea. This year, the 19th session of the SEOMUN conference was hosted on November 24-26 at the Korea International Exhibition and Convention Center (KINTEX). This year’s SEOMUN conference was organized by dedicated Seoul Foreign School students and staff.
Courtesy of the SEOMUN Secretariat
The Seoul Model United Nations Conference is the largest Model United Nations (MUN) conference in Korea. Every year, SEOMUN attracts hundreds of passionate MUN participants from Korea and overseas. This year, SEOMUN accommodated approximately 600 selected students and directors from 29 schools in 11 different countries (SEOMUN Secretariat). 
This year’s conference theme was “Embracing Diversity”. The theme was inspired by the European Union’s motto, “United in Diversity”. In a diverse society where people are different in race, religion, gender-orientation, culture, ideas and beliefs, the conference hoped that delegates engage in “debates that promote the fostering of a sense of harmony in our world”. 
The SEOMUN conference follows the THIMUN (The Hague International Model United Nations) procedures. In THIMUN-affiliated conferences, there are many different committees – all specialized with its unique issues. For example, the Human Rights Council specialized and drafted resolutions that were pertaining to the Human Rights issue around the world.  Each committee tackled various issues that are significant to many people around the world. Delegates were to represent his or her nation’s stance on issues and had to collaborate with other delegates in drafting resolutions that would solve the particular issue.
Every year, delegates and advisors that participate in SEOMUN leave with a smile. As cheesy as it sounds, all delegates find SEOMUN a memorable experience and when asked if they would want to come back next year, all delegates reply a simple “yes”. A delegate from Myanmar applauded the SEOMUN secretariat and commented that “[The SEOMUN Conference] was the most well-organized, professional and memorable experience.” In addition, the SEOMUN secretariat members have received congratulatory emails from MUN directors from international schools around the world. This year’s SEOMUN conference is also considered a success!
The Seoul Foreign School Model United Nation (MUN) Team 2016-17


Jason Whang
Grade 9
Seoul Foreign School

Jason Whang  student_reporter@dherald.com

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