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Korea Deaf Women Organization
Written by Joonhyung Ahn | Published. 2017.07.14 17:10 | Count : 1077

For a long time, disabled people have been considered as weak. Due to this stereotype, disabled people had to endure discrimination and violence against them. In particular, disabled women had to suffer from much severe treatments. In order to resolve the issue, several organizations have been established to help the handicapped. One of those organizations is Korea Deaf Women Organization. 

Korea Deaf Women Organization literally means an organization for deaf women. It was established in April 11th, 1998. Currently, a lot of deaf women are having difficulties in society due to their disability. Many deaf women lack opportunities to participate in social activities. Many of them don’t have jobs due to social prejudices people have towards them. Also, deaf women are isolated from the society due to continued discrimination. Discrimination towards deaf women is already prevalent in our society and there are people who intentionally mistreat disabled women due to their weakness. 

Korea Deaf Women Organization’s main purpose is to improve the quality of deaf women’s lives. The organization works to promote and protect basic human rights of women. Also, it helps deaf women to be independent and to be an active member of the society. In order to achieve its goals, Korea Deaf Women Organization is currently conducting two programs to educate deaf women and introduce new culture to them. 

First, different instructors educate deaf women about human rights. Many deaf women experience irrational situations where they often don’t know how to deal with. Human rights activists teach them the basic rights they should have. In addition, polices and human rights lawyer teach deaf women what is wrong treatment towards them and how to handle unfair situations. Through this program, deaf women can have correct sense about their rights. 

<Human rights education>

Moreover, Nanta program offers an opportunity for deaf women to cooperate with other deaf women and make them feel less isolated. They regularly practice Nanta for their performance. For a better performance, they have to collaborate with each other and help others. This is a great chance for deaf women to make friends and learn how to adjust to the society. After finishing the Nanta performance, deaf women can feel a sense of accomplishment and gain confidence. 

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Korea Deaf Women Organization is an organization that really hopes to present deaf women a better life. Nanta performance and human rights education is just one part or the program that aims to improve quality of deaf women’s lives. Korea Deaf Women Organization will always help deaf women by various activities such as consultation, social welfare improvement, and human rights guarantee program. 


Joonhyung Ahn
11th grade 
Seoul Scholars International

Joonhyung Ahn  student_reporter@dherald.com

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