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Potential power of Jeonju
Written by Sean Kang | Published. 2017.09.07 17:31 | Count : 757
Why is Gaeksa receiving such an attention nowadays? It hardly triggered the attention of tourists in the past. Things are different now as many young entrepreneurs in Jeonju pour out their effort revamping Gaeglidan street, the place within Gaeksa.
(Gaeksa 1-gil, Jang Kitchen with Oren cakeshop)
The kudos goes to young entrepreneurs who build up stores and entertainments to restore the past glory of Gaeglidan street. Many people remember when the street was full of adult entertainment and dilapidated houses as they recounted the time from 1970 to 1980. There was no place for young people, so the buildings were becoming abandoned and it was at the brink of turning into a ghost town.
Ironically, the cheaper housing prices became a magnet that reinvited young people. Jeonju Hanok village played a part as well as it became a tourist attraction drawing 10 million tourists every year. The village became a model for young entrepreneurs that they wanted to build a new Gaeglidan street. For them, the affordable housing was a reason enough to settle in Gaeglidan. Soon, the street regained the vitality, and people started to surge in.
Interestingly enough, people found a phonetic similar to Kyunglidan Street in Hongik University area in Seoul, and this was another inspiration that helped the young entrepreneurs in the Gaeglidan street.
(Gaeksa 2-gil, TO-GO coffee shop with other restaurants)
For those who have never been to Gaeglidan Street, finding the place may be an onerous task. But once they arrive and see what the street has to offer, surely they know it was all worth it. Walking down the street, one can enjoy the mixture of the past and the present by looking at the building. Having enjoyed this mysterious time travel, the café and restaurant awaits to offer visitors a pit stop.
(Gaeksa 1-gil, outside of Mathilda Pizza)
(inside of restaurant)
( Mathilda Pizza, small size(10inch), 14,000won)
At the end of street is a pizza restaurant called Mathilda Pizza with its interior design meant to portray America in the 1980s. It’s name comes from Mathilda, a movie character in Leon, who offers the warmest welcome. Before the pizza is served, they put a large leaf on the table, which reminds guests of the Hawaiian mood. Every little detail of the services is the sign of entrepreneurial spirit of young businessmen. Cafés are no different; they invented different juices to engage people eyes such as using different colors of fruit to make rainbow color juices. The entrepreneurs try different things to serve visitors, who travel for new and exotic experiences.
Gaeglidan Street is designed to offer experiences that make visitors want to come again. The street offers memories and chances to reminisce the past. The street is destined to be the landmark of Jeonju in a matter of time. If one wants to enjoy its beauty before it becomes crowded, he or she must hurry and hit the road this weekend.

Sean Kang
Grade: 11
Global Prodigy Academy

Sean Kang  student_reporter@dherald.com

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