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APIS Autumn School Retreat
Written by Matthew Choi | Published. 2017.09.28 18:48 | Count : 895
Students from ninth to twelfth grade at Asia Pacific International School embarked on the school’s annual Retreat, which occurred from September 11th to 15th this year. The Retreat trips strive to have students be more “bonded” together so that they aspire to know each other better, both genders alike. For three days, the high school students participated in fun activities, such as SRC (Students’ Representative Council) orientated activities, and others, including a small dance party and building a campfire. This year, the Retreat itself was split into two parts, with the ninth and tenth graders on the trip from September 11th to 13th, and the eleventh and twelfth graders from September 13th to 15th.
[The sophomore class posing for a picture]
The concept of Retreat started when the school was established in 2007, despite the meager amount of students and teachers during that time. The locations of the Retreat trips vary annually, from learning centers to glamping like this year. Glamping is a new term that known precisely as “glamorous camping.” To confirm that, the “glamping site had convenient toilets and beds, along with cooking utensils, a nearby convenience store, a swimming pool, and a small soccer field.
The “family” concept was a new ideal that was applied this retreat, along with the addition of “block schedules” this year for the high school students. Students would have their own homerooms, but they would be “families,” with tiw (three times a week) meetings during regular school days to delve into team activities, counseling, and most important of all, “family time,” a self-explanatory term.
[The campfire made during the night gathering]
At the Retreat, this “family time” was brought to a much-elevated level, thanks to the various activities the students and teachers participated in together, such as cooking food, riding paddle boats, making patterned cloth, and more. This way, the “families” could be more cooperative overall, and to do so, there were competitions between the families for which family could earn the most “family points,” and the winner would get free pizza, rousing ambition from the families. Thus, the “friendly” competitiveness between the families allowed them to know each other more, both individually, and as small communities.
All in all, the entire APIS high school community enjoyed an exciting time this retreat, due to the attentiveness of the class, and the efforts made by the school community to organize such events. The concept of “families” in our school has been defined in a much broader spectrum, and it is now easier to visualize how the “families” work together to solve problems both individually and as a community, along with getting along with the “family” group.

Matthew Choi
Asia Pacific International School

Matthew Choi  student_reporter@dherald.com

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