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Professional Studios for Normal Students
Written by Alexander Joonhwan Song | Published. 2017.10.12 20:09 | Count : 559

As college application deadlines and midterms approach, senior students struggle under the heavy workload. With their concentration mostly being focused on the academics, senior students struggle to maintain balance in dealing with both academic lives and social lives. After all, who has time to go out and hang out with friends, when there are college supplementary essays to write and grades to maintain? However, this can be a huge issue when regarding senior photos.

Though some people may regard senior photos as frivolous or excessive, most senior students take time and effort to choose the photos they submit to their school’s yearbooks.  For some seniors photos act as a platform to show off their hobbies and social life, for others senior photos acts as a vault for the memories they shared with their friends. Some even use senior photos to represent their ideal image of who they are. In all these cases these photos are an important part of the senior experience.

In order to accommodate this growing need to fulfill whatever senior photo quota each school requires, certain students have turned towards professional studios. Professional photo studios tackle the numerous problems that are associated with taking good photos such as proper lighting and striking poses. These photo studios also allow senior students to gather their friends in one area and take mass photos together in both casual and formal clothing.

(A senior student poses in front of a black background for a photo)

“It was my first time taking a photo in an actual studio so I was quite new to the experience. Except for the fact that it was quite tiring, I thought the photos taken were really good so it was satisfying. It was expensive but if the photos turn out good then I’ll be happy. I’ll probably use the photo as my background image and send it to my yearbook too,” said Jason Lee, a senior student who went to the 레젤 studio in Apgujeong-Rodeo.

Of course these studios have their own downfalls. Since there are professional photographers and studio involved, the fee can come up to large sums. Even with many students attending a single session, the cost can be too much for some since group photos cost more than single profile shots. “I had to buy a 380$ suit and several expensive shirts and pants. I think I spent over 500 bucks,” claimed Justin Lee a senior student from Seoul International School who attended one of these photo shoots.

(A student poses for a cameraman in an individual profile shot)

Furthermore, the constant posing can be physically tiresome for some. Constantly sitting or standing around in front of a camera can drain away a person’s stamina since each student has to hold a certain pose for multiple shots.
“It was interesting at first but constantly standing up and posing for many hours got tiring. I think it was worth the experience since there’s a first time for everything and there will be good photos in the end,” said Jinwoo Kim another student who attended the photo shoot at the 레젤 studio.

Professional Studios are a convenient solution to dealing with senior photos. With the photographers to act as guides, good photos are guaranteed. With students facing the problem of college applications and maintaining grades, solving the senior photo issue in a day can seem appealing. For those who can afford the expenses and don’t mind standing for an hour can surely benefit from these studios.


Alexander Joonhwan Song
Grade 12
Seoul International School

Alexander Joonhwan Song  student_reporter@dherald.com

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