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Kingsman and the Korean Englishman
Written by Yookyung Jin | Published. 2017.10.25 21:46 | Count : 2693
YouTube is a popular video-sharing website. Many Korean YouTubers upload videos about diverse contents such as vlogs (video blog), unboxing parcels, product/service reviews, cooking recipes, traveling, and makeup tutorials. Younger viewers spend their spare time watching videos based on their preferences. According to DMR (Digital Marketing Ramblings), the average time people spent on YouTube per month was 40 minutes in 2016. Some popular videos even have ripple effects, and two videos uploaded by Korean Englishman YouTube channel demonstrated this.
Kingsman headquarters are brutally destroyed by international criminal organization Golden Circle. By the time Eggsy (loyal Kingsman agent Galahad) and Merlin (judge of the Kingsman candidates) look for new allies, they discover a spy organization called Statesman in the United States. Matthew Vaughn, director of the film, prior to the success of the first movie in Korea, expressed the feeling of excitement, anxiety, and satisfaction in regards to the clear split in likes and dislikes about the movie.

On the official release day (27th of September) of the movie Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Josh Carrot, the host of the famous YouTube Channel Korean Englishman, uploaded a Kingman related video. He introduced the cast of Taron Egerton and Mark Strong who visited Korea, the only Asian country for the global promotion tour of their film, to Korean delivery chicken and beer. Josh briefly explained about how delivery culture in Korea is on another level: wherever and whenever. He also talked about Korean chicken and beer culture also known as 치맥 (Chicken + Beer), “In Korea, when you eat fried chicken, traditionally you have it with beer.

[Screenshots from Korean Englishman YouTube video]
Josh ordered original/spicy chicken, rice-battered chicken, chili fried chicken, and cheese chicken to find out which flavor the English gentlemen liked the most. Apparently, they fell in love with chimaek and chose chili fried chicken as their specific favorite. Even after the filming was finished, they didn’t stop asking for more and even asked Josh about the name of the chicken place.

Three days later, on September 30th, Korean Englishman uploaded another Kingsman interview video with Colin Firth, an agent Galahad in the movie and Academy Award winner. This time, instead of Korean and English culture, Josh spoke about his character in the film along with tips on wearing a suit, the Kingsman’s mascot.


[Screenshot from Korean Englishman YouTube Video]

Korean Englishman’s two Kingsman videos increased rapidly in popularity and even showed on a list of YouTube Korea’s popularity video. One of the comments that caught my eye said that the commenter saw people who watched a movie after watching Korean Englishman X Kingsman chicken beer video. They even tried to recall the lines related to chicken in the movie. 
[Screenshot from Korean Englishman YouTube Video comments]
Kingsman: The Golden Circle is still on top 5 list of box office ranking since its release nearly two weeks ago. “There was no choice but to click "like" because of Korean Englishman’s choice of Korean food and interview question. It's a relief that they like our Korean chicken. I was shocked by the YouTube’s tremendous impact on the public’s leisure life.” said Jina, a big fan of Kingsman and Colin Firth.

Check out the videos: Kingsman Cast’s Reaction to Korea Chimaek and Colin Firth’s Advice On Wearing A Suit Like A Gentlemen





Yookyung Jin
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Korea International School, Jeju

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