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California Dreaming
Written by Grace Choi | Published. 2017.11.27 16:56 | Count : 870
Friday, 6:00 P.M., high school students in Korea International School (KIS) gathered in the conference hall, huddled up together with bean bags facing the sunset in the patio. The space was filled with booths selling cotton candy, churros, drinks, and many more snacks, and there were photo booths downstairs where students had an opportunity to take photos under a huge painting of a sunset. Student Council has prepared the first after school event of the year — California Dreaming.
“This event is called ‘California Dreaming’, because this event is held during the afternoon, where we can see the dazzling sunset from the patio. We thought that a ‘sunset’ theme would be a reasonable choice,” a freshman member of the Student Council clarified.

Amazing high school singers and speakers had a chance to perform in front of students and teachers who were present in the event. The atmosphere was very comfy and snuggly; everyone was cuddled up in front of the patio, cheering for their friends and taking beautiful photos and videos while students were performing. A total of 15 groups have performed; some students and teachers sang a song, others played instruments in the back, and even a wholehearted speech was given by a student with a lot of nodding heads in the audience following along.

This opportunity allowed students from different grades in the high school to get to know each other and to display their talents in front of a small homely audience.

“California Dreaming was an event where I realized that our high school students and teachers have so much talent and I had a chance to get closer with more upperclassmen!” Chloe Lee (9) exclaimed.

This event proceeded for 2 hours and students were dismissed on the after school buses. Everyone thanked the Student Council for preparing for this wonderful event and the high school is excited for the next upcoming events that will be held by the Student Council.

Grace Choi
9th Grade
Korea International School

Grace Choi  student_reporter@dherald.com

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