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Jeju Mandarine International Marathon
Written by Kim Dongki | Published. 2018.01.04 14:16 | Count : 1757
Mandarine, family, and health. These are three words used to describe the Jeju Mandarine International Marathon. On November 12th, I wanted to enjoy my last weekend before the final exam study season, and the Jeju Mandarine International Marathon was the way to do it. The Jeju Mandarine International Marathon is a marathon that is held in Jeju, where lots of foreigners come and run. I chose this marathon, because of the benefit it gave me: A memorable experience with my family and a means of cultivating a healthy lifestyle.
The Jeju Mandarine International Marathon has been held 15 times now, and has gained some popularity since then. The Jeju Mandarine International Marathon is not only famous in Jeju, but has been highly favored among the many marathons in South Korea. As a result, every year the number of foreigners in the marathon has increased, and this year there were around 500 foreigners.
The Jeju Mandarine International Marathon has the merit of a distinctive route that starts from Jeju World Cup Stadium and ends at the Daejong Boundary Stone, and also promotes the island of Jeju. Interestingly, as I was running the route, I could see familiar roads and stores. I could see the tall trees and some tangerine trees, and could even smell the sweet scent of tangerines. While I was running, at each stop, there were students who cheered and encouraged the runners. After the run, I saw people getting free tangerines. I wanted one, so I went to the booth where people were distributing the tangerines. When I went there, I found out that the people who distributed them were all students. And I wondered who were they, and why were they here using their time to help the runners? So I asked one of them and found out that they were from a local high school, and that they came to the marathon to do volunteer service.
As I said before, there were lots of foreigners who participated in the marathon. I was curious
why they came to South Korea to participate in this event rather than other marathons in South Korea. So I interviewed one of them about the Jeju Mandarine International Marathon. I asked him several questions, and these were his answers.
What is the main reason why you attended this event?
I’ve done this race 5 times now. All the time I lived in Jeju. The first year was a fun way to get to know the people and culture. And now I join every year just like tradition.
Have you ever attended other marathons?
On the island no. I’ve run a marathon before, and with bunch of kids back in Canada and the U.S.A.

What do you think is the advantage of this marathon?
I get free tangerines, I like other people cheering each other on, and it’s lot of fun to get to know people in other communities.

Through the interview, I felt that he felt very similarly with myself. I liked this marathon, so I attended it twice now, because of the people in the marathon. It was very memorable that I ran a marathon with my whole family, but the people cheering each other on even though they didn’t know each other was very memorable and heartwarming. Overall, I thought that this marathon was worth running, both for myself, family, and fun.

Kim Dongki 
Grade 10
Korea international School Jeju

Kim Dongki  student_reporter@dherald.com

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