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A Decade of Perfection, YMUN 2018
Written by Kyeongjin Kim | Published. 2018.03.07 15:35 | Count : 1141
From January 25 to 27, the tenth monumental YMUN (Yonsei Model United Nations) 2018 was held in one of the most prestigious schools in Korea, Yonsei University. As a writer of YMUN Press, I was impressed by the Secretariats, Chairs, Press, and Staff’s constant efforts to make YMUN the best for the delegates. Not only had that, but the active participation of the delegates heated the committee rooms with enthusiasm, sharing various practical yet unique ideas.

YMUN was consisted of six committees with two agendas each, three for middle school students and three for high school students. It was the writers’ responsibility to busily move around the committee rooms, organize the status quo, and conduct interviews to develop the contents of the daily newspaper of YMUN 2018, YMUN Herald. On the first day, I went to a middle school committee, UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) which was discussing agenda A, Measures for Renewable Energy and Independence. During the first session, countries generally maintained that collaboration and financial aid are necessary to diminish the disparity between developing and developed nations. However, developing nations such as India displayed doubt upon the issue since the prompt implementation of renewable energy would lead to economic concerns. Moving on to the second session, delegates formed blocs and discussed practical resolutions. Brazil, India, and China insisted on policies to facilitate trade between the developed and the developing countries and reinforce the renewable energy market. Colombia elaborated that developed and developing nations should cooperate until the implementation of renewable energy is realized. Despite the middle school students’ young age and their relatively less MUN experiences, their passion to make the best out of themselves definitely resulted in higher academic performances. 
[UNEP raising their placards high during the voting procedure, photo taken by YMUN Press photographer Jihun Ha]
[UNEP discussing the agenda actively, photo taken by YMUN Press photographer Jihun Ha]
The second day of YMUN had initiated with another three sessions to go through. Although it would have been difficulty to discuss the agenda almost as soon as they woke up, all delegates attempted to play a major role in having fruitful debates. This time, I earned the opportunity to seek for the status quo of UNHRC, debating upon the agenda ‘Measures to Resolve Slavery and Labor Abuse in the Fishing Sector in Southeast Asia’. Delegates primarily focused on the stances of Southeast Asian nations as they deemed it would pave their paths to suitable solutions. Among the varied ideas, they discussed the seriousness of illegal immigrants engaging in unregulated fishing due to sustenance matters. Some delegates asserted that there would be more job opportunities if immigrants told their circumstances to the government, but this argument was contradicted due to the low chances of Southeast Asian countries actually approving this. Though opposing ideas emerged incessantly, each delegate was completely absorbed into the debate and accomplished astonishing feats that contributed to meeting consensus in the end.
[UNHRC having fierce debate, photo taken by YMUN Press photographer Jihun Ha]
[During the Unmoderated Caucus of UNHRC, photo taken by YMUN Press photographer Jihun Ha]
Finally, the last day of YMUN 2018 had arrived, with only two sessions left to go. What I noticed was that each committee managed to finish their sessions earlier than expected and had a wonderful time with their fellow Chairs, committee directors, and delegates. After the award ceremony had ended, I could feel their sadness from their farewell to each other and also felt melancholic to say goodbye to our Press members. I admit that every moment was a challenge for me to work as a writer of the YMUN Herald, but I could overcome my limitations thanks to the assistance of many others in YMUN 2018. Without interviewees who responded without reluctance and the Press members who endeavored together consistently, I wouldn’t have managed to carry out my tasks fully. I hope that those who are interested in MUN would not be afraid to participate and manifest their intelligence, creating tight bonds with one another.
[Me receiving the Best Press Award (Writer), photo taken by YMUN Press photographer Jihun Ha]
[The YMUN Press, photo taken by YMUN Press photographer Jihun Ha]


Kyeongjin Kim
Grade 11
JinMyeong Girls’ High School

Kyeongjin Kim  student_reporter@dherald.com

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