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Written by Claire Min | Published. 2018.03.21 17:38 | Count : 816
On February 23rd to the 24th, the honor students of Korea International School attended the Korea International Music Educators Association (KIMEA) Honor Festival. This festival has been held since 2012; it was organized by the music teachers at international schools all throughout Korea. They believed that students should have an opportunity to learn from the world famous music teachers and work with musically talented students from different schools. This year, the event was held at Chadwick International School in Songdo, Incheon for talented musicians in the fields of orchestra, band, and choir. There were a total of eight voice parts: soprano 1 and 2, alto 1 and 2, tenor 1 and 2, and bass 1 and 2. I took part in the soprano 1 section, the highest voice part in choir. Musicians had to bear ten hours of rehearsal for two days - we suffered from tired vocal chords, back and foot aches from long-hour standing, and burnt out energy. However, it was one of the best times of my high school career.
As soon as the students arrived at Chadwick on February 23rd, Friday, we were introduced to our conductor Ethan Sperry, an extremely prestigious musician in the choir field. He is currently a conductor at Portland State University; he was studied Philosophy at Harvard University, and received his Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Choral Conducting from the University of Southern California. It was an honor to learn from him, for he taught the choir students many effective techniques in singing that everyone in that room would remember for life.
[Conductor Ethan Sperry, talking to the audience at the concert, picture taken from KIMEA website]
During the ten hours of rehearsing, there was had a chance of meeting lots of new people. I definitely became closer with my KIS honor choir group, and, additionally, I met more people from other schools.
At 5 PM on February 24th, Saturday, the KIMEA concert commenced. The orchestra performed first, giving the other groups a great amount of pressure. Thereafter, the honor choir sang a total of five songs for the audience: The Ground by Ola Gjeilo, Illumina Le Tenebre by Joan Szymko, Nabucco by Giuseppe Verdi, Fre O, and Balleilakka by A. R. Rahman.
[KIMEA Honor Choir 2018 singing at the Festival Concert on February 24th, Saturday, picture taken from KIMEA website]


[Patches for Varsity Jackets, picture taken by Claire Min]
In conclusion, the KIMEA Music Festival was a great experience for students to further stretch their music knowledge and skills. There were many inspiring conductors who urged the students to enjoy the music that our vocal chords or instruments generated. Everyone left KIMEA with a great memory whether it was their first or last year participating in the festival.


Claire Min
Korea International School

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