Review of the Exhibition, “Paper, Present”
Written by So Young (Ashley) Koo | Published. 2018.03.26 19:11 | Count : 1439
On the 7th of December 2017,  DAELIM MUSEUM introduced a unique exhibition called ‘Paper, Present’, a collection of various artworks by artists from all over the world. Paper was the only material used for all the artworks of the artists. The artists transformed a typical sheet of paper into an elaborate and colorful masterpiece. The viewers toured around the exhibit with awe-stricken faces, amazed by the elaborate details and possibly by the amount of effort put in by the artists.
[The souvenir shop of the gallery decorated in the theme of the exhibition, “Paper, Present”. Taken by So Young Koo. ]
The exhibit showcases various paper cut-out pieces that resemble natural landscapes, creative imagery and everyday products. The artworks are separated into seven different sections within the four floors. Each section has a unique mood and theme depending on the artworks. 
In the first section of the museum, the artist Richard Sweeney’s works are displayed. His artworks are set inside a black room and since his artworks are white, it creates a very stark contrast and makes his artworks stand out. His works are made by canvas paper fold and bent into various shapes. 
[Two artworks created by Richard Sweeney. Taken by So Young Koo. ]
The second section, relatively short, shows large paper cut out pieces. Tahiti Pehrson created these artworks and the long, wide sheets of paper are carefully cut with detailed patterns that unify into circular arrangements across the paper. Even though every small cut on the paper is geometrically complex and precise, the overall product looks very harmonious and lively.
[Two sections of a piece created by Tahiti Pehrson. Taken by So Young Koo. ]
The third area is a curved pathway with mobiles hanging from the ceiling. These pieces were made by atelier oi. The mobiles are made of thin minopaper and each piece of paper on the mobile looks like a flower on a tree. Moreover, on the floor, the light from the lamp reflected from the mirrors creates a soft glow on the mobiles to convey an image of sunlight beaming through the paper flowers.
[Photos of atelier oi’s ‘Honminoshi Garden’. Taken by So Young Koo.]
The fourth section combined the artworks of four different artists: Fuminari Yoshitsugu, Jule Waibel, Studio Job and Tord Boontje, to form a creative and colorful space. On one wall, colorful variations of Airvases are lined up. As you proceed into the area, impressive and ornate furniture (entirely made out of paper) are combined with the artworks made by the other artists.
[The Airvases created by TORAFU ARCHITECTS. Taken by So Young Koo. ]
[A piece by Jules Waibel’s ‘Unfolded Habitat’ series. Taken by So Young Koo. ]
[Studio Job’s ‘Paper Chandelier’. Taken by So Young Koo. ]
[One of Tord Boontje’s ‘Midsummer Light’ collection. Taken by So Young Koo. ]
The fifth space of the exhibit is from Zim & Zou, who create artworks based on wildlife. The paper artworks use the vibrant colors and detailed texture to form various species of animals and of the animal’s appearance. Next to the arrangements sits retro electronics such as polaroid cameras or old telephones made by precisely cut, vibrant colored paper. The artists turned the electronics into artworks of light and pastel colors, turning them into playful and eye-catching art. 
[A piece from the ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ collection by Zim & Zou. Taken by So Young Koo. ]
[A piece resembling a polaroid camera in the ‘Back to Basics’ collection by Zim & Zou in the exhibit. Taken by So Young Koo. ]
In the sixth area, Wanda Barcelona created a forest of 4000 hanging paper flowers. In this particular piece, the ceiling of the area is fully covered with white (and vibrant colored) strands of flowers. The whole piece resembles a sight like a snowy forest when you look at the piece overall, but when one look up close, he/she can see the carefully designed combination of leaves and flowers on each bundle.
[Photos of one artwork of Wanda Barcelona’s ‘From Color to Eternity’ collection. Taken by So Young Koo. ]
The last section of this exhibition is decorated with a pink field of paper grass, with a wavy trail that makes the area seem like a pink park created by Maum Studio. The big panels of mirrors on all the walls create an infinite replication of the pink fields and creates an endless view that makes the room look much larger. 
[Photos of small parts from Maum Studio’s ‘Paper Walk’. Taken by So Young Koo. ]
This exhibition, with many fascinating artworks entirely made of paper, is still going on in Daelim Museum and will resume until the 27th of May, 2018. 

So Young (Ashley) Koo
Grade 9
Seoul Foreign High School

So Young (Ashley) Koo  student_reporter@dherald.com

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