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In MiseMise, We TrustAir Pollution App
Written by Sarah Angelina Kim | Published. 2018.05.09 20:45 | Count : 1323
[A screenshot of my MiseMise app © Sarah Angelina Kim]

About the App

Ever since, the gust of spring wind drifted into the Korean Peninsula. It brought along an infamous companion: the Micro dust, which even affects the air of Jeju Island which used to be fresh and healthy. People have various hypotheses as to why the air level has become so bad within the few years. Most would agree that it is because China had moved 30 percent of its factories closer to Korea. The all time highest level of microdust in Korea drew much attention. This phenomenon gave birth to the success of MiseMise. MiseMise is an Korean app created by the MiseMise Corporation. This app simply tells its users what the micro dust level is in certain areas in Korea. Additionally, it also tells us the level of yellow dust, ozone, and more! This app can be downloaded on Play Store for free; it bears an average of high ratings among the apps users.

MiseMise VS Other Air Pollution Apps or Sites

MiseMise is an great app, but some people prefer to use other websites or apps such as Naver. Why use MiseMise instead of Naver? First of all, MiseMise is well known for being easy and faster to use, In Naver, users have to type the question which takes quite a while. However, in MiseMise, only one has to touch the app icon, leading you to the result. A face representing the level of the microdust will pop up. Second, the air pollution site on Naver is not reliable. The world has set a limit line of at what level the micro dust is considered bad and what level is considered healthy. MiseMise follows this international limit law sharply, and it is accurate. However, on the other hand, Naver’s air pollution notification follows domestic level which can trick a lot of people to do outdoor activities when they should stay in.


[Photo of my mother and me © Sarah Angelina Kim]

A lot of people use this app, so it wasn’t hard for me to find someone who was willing to do an interview. I interviewed my mother, Jiin Kim, age 43.

Q: Why do you use MiseMise instead of other air pollution app?
A: I use MiseMise because unlike other air pollution apps in Korea, they follow the WHO (World Health Organization)’s range of what is a healthy air quality and what is a bad air quality. Also if you go into MiseMise it updates the information every 10 minutes they are checking the air condition, which makes it more reliable. Also, they don’t only state if it’s good or bad, it also tells you the exact number/level of the dust. Finally, it tells you town by town exactly, because the air quality of each town could be different.

Q: From 10 being the best and 1 being the worst, how would you rate this app? And why?
A: I think it’s one of the best applications, so I’m giving 9 or 10. Because every 10 minutes it lets you know what air you’re breathing.


In conclusion, it appears that the secret recipe for its popularity of this app is simply that they accurately followed the rules of international WHO limit law. We don’t know if the founder actually cared for the user’s health, but it reassures many users and prevents the Korean population from going out on a day when they shouldn’t. For some, MiseMise is a life-saver.

Source: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cheehoon.ha.particulateforecaster



Sarah Angelina Kim
8th Grade
Seoul Foreign School (SFS)

Sarah Angelina Kim  student_reporter@dherald.com

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