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DAY6 First World TourYouth
Written by Rachel Lee | Published. 2018.07.05 21:07 | Count : 2785

When the JYP brand is first thought of, most people think of Park Jin Young himself, Twice, Got7, or 2PM. Artists in the JYP entertainment agency are typically renowned for their dance ability. However, one of JYP’s groups doesn’t dance. They aren’t even considered as idols. Nonetheless, they are widely regarded as JYP’s most vocally talented groups and are known for composing and writing almost all of their songs. Meet DAY6, JYP’s first ever band – not boy band. They have five members – Sungjin, Wonpil, Young K, Jae, and Dowoon – and several albums. If you’re wondering why their name is DAY6 when they only have 5 members, they originally had six members, but one left not long after their debut.

This June 22nd, DAY6 kicked off their first world tour in the Seoul Olympic Hall, which is located inside the Olympic Park in Jamsil. This was for the group, who began their careers by busking near Hongik University. Titled the Youth tour, the band members will perform around the world not too long after their album of the same name is released on June 26th. This album and tour intend to show a stronger, darker side of Day6’s music, a stark contrast from DAY6’s trademark sentimental music. Throughout the course of the year, the band will be visiting cities in South Korea, Australia, Thailand, Canada, the United States, and more. 

[A screen display of the concert’s title before the performance begins (Photo courtesy of Rachel Lee)]

During the three-hour concert, DAY6 performed not only their most popular and well-known songs but also selections from their debut album that they hadn’t performed in a while. Their medley arrangement of hit songs even featured an orchestra, which the band themselves admitted to being amazed by. 

The popular band also performed all six songs of their upcoming album, a special treat for the fans at the venue. Although the audience members had never heard the songs before, the band members said that they were touched by how midway into songs, fans would start singing along as well. 

[Audience members take photos of the venue before the performance begins. (Photo courtesy of Rachel Lee)]

The June 22nd concert also marked the first sale of DAY6’s light wristbands. Though most K-Pop groups use customized light sticks created for the fandom so that fans can wave them around during performances as they cheer, DAY6 proved itself to be an anomaly. Claiming that they realized holding around light sticks would tire their fans and make their arms sore, DAY6 and JYP decided to debut brand new light wristbands that resembled watches. 

Speaking of the concert itself, all band members confessed that they really missed performing in front of an audience. Although it had only been approximately six months since they had last performed, the band had held small concerts and released new songs every month last year, which made this break from music seem even longer. 

The Youth World Tour serves as an opportunity for change for DAY6 in many, many ways. Not only will it allow for them to explore and perform new musical styles, but they will also get to see their fandom expand and change, visibly through the new light wristbands. Tickets to see the band in upcoming Korean venues are available on Interpark. 

[A poster of the concert is hung up in front of the performance hall. (Photo courtesy of Rachel Lee)]



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  • 조정후 2019-06-24 23:12:47

    It's interesting that you're not dancing in a JYP group.   삭제

    • 조저후 2019-06-24 23:12:14

      It's interesting that you're not dancing in a JYP group.   삭제

      • Claire Min 2018-08-05 16:33:13

        Great article! I have never heard about Day6, and just from this article, I feel like I know this group more than others. It is also interesting how a JYP group is not involved with dancing. Next time maybe more information on the music (pop songs? ballad? country?) - just a question I had remaining   삭제

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