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The Problem of the CenturyThe Aging Society
Written by Andrew Sung | Published. 2018.09.11 19:17 | Count : 489
What is an aging society? It is an ongoing problem that a modern nation faces in the current society. There is a further incrementing portion of aging people in the society, while the younger population decreases drastically. Now, this kind of problematic society takes place in highly developed Asian countries such as Korea for instance.

Now the problems with this kind of society are not something that should be overlooked. To state a few major consequences of this kind of society, as the younger generation reduces in number, the working members of the society will obviously reduce proportionately since you cannot expect a 70-year-old man to work like people in their twenties, so obviously as years pass the fully able portion of the society will drastically reduce in quantity. This will seriously impact the economy and finance of the nation itself. Aging populations pose a challenge to the fiscal stability of numerous nations through elevated government spending on health care, pension and social benefits programs for the elderly. This may hurt economic growth and overall quality of life if governments need to channel public spending from education and infrastructure investment to aid programs for the elderly. All of this goes down to one massive harm, the general degradation of the lives of the citizens. 

[A photo of an elderly person struggling to make living, 

The second problem that we see in the current society is that the elderly cannot be sustained by the youth since the number of children being born decrease every year. The current youth will have an onerous burden on their backs to take care of the ever-increasing elderly people. To state another aspect to the problem, not only the youth will have problems but also the elderly will have explicit problems of their own. In the scenario that the proportionate amount of relatively old people takes the majority, it would be near impossible for the government to grant every single one of these elders well fare programs, and healthcare. This would result in a situation in which the old people would have considerably lonely or at the least unpleasant period until death, not being able to make any income.
This is an interview of an elderly man (aged 78) who lives in the same apartment as I do. (A friend of my grandfather)

[The photo of me during the interview] 

Q: How do you make a living?
A: I use the money my son sends me as well as the pension from the government. Of course, I also use the money I built up in the past.
Q: Do you feel lonely when you are alone at home?
A: Well, my family comes and visits me quite often but it truly get depressing when you have no one to have a conversation with. (Faint chuckle)

Q: Do you think that the government should put in more effort to help the elderly in whatever way?
A: I am not trying to complain but the government’s action would help improve my living standards. Even a weekly visit from community workers would help as well as more effort for us to participate in the society again.
Now that the complications of the aging society were stated, there is a need for an urgent solution to the imminent trouble to come. We could suggest that the government-run policies ensuring the benefits of raising more than one child. This would aid the parents to make the decision on giving birth to more than one child, because of the beneficial policies have been given by the government. This can, of course, increasing the proportion of the younger population. Extensive elderly wealth care policies and programs may also help alleviate the problems that of an aging society.
These were the complications and possible methods to alleviate this problem of society.


Andrew Sung 
8th grade
Yeouksam middle school

Andrew Sung  student_reporter@dherald.com

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  • Im Dakyoung 2018-09-23 12:01:47

    Good article. I think this article summed up the aging community issue in the society for readers to quickly and easily understand. The interview questions also seem relevant and good for the article. I felt inspired to think about this too!   삭제

    • Jaehong Min 2018-09-14 23:08:32

      Aging in Korea is definitely a social problem that we have to confront. You did a good job of addressing the big issues that will rise when Korea becomes a super-aged society. Your interview also made me feel that we should give more attention towards our elders on a personal level. Solid article!   삭제

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