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Unwanted Airborne Visitors
Written by Andrew Sung | Published. 2019.01.21 19:16 | Count : 1643
You may have noticed the dusty looking fog in the sky. What exactly is this? Of course, as many of you already know it is called fine dust. The increasing amount of this dust may seem like nothing for some people. However the sheer amount of hazards it poses to the overall health of Korea is extraordinary. These fine particles can even be 10 times smaller than the width of a single strand of hair. Imagine the havoc that these particles could do to your lungs, if inhaled in excessive amounts. Although it is obvious, some people decide to ignore the fine dust and go on with their lives normally. If the number of citizens who thinks this way increases there may be severe consequences in the overall respiratory well being of the whole population.
[Dusty day Tuesday 2019 1/15 10:30am, Photo courtesy of Andrew Sung]
[Clear day Wednesday 2019 1/16 10:30am, Photo courtesy of Andrew Sung]
These are two photos taken at the same time and place on two different days. The one on top is a picture of the cityscape on a day with high fine dust readings. The one below was taken on a day without fine dust. You can see the obvious difference by trying to spot the LOTTE Tower.

There seems to be extreme amounts of disagreement points concerning the matter of whose fault this is, and whether the scientific fine dust readings are actually accurate in the first place. The blame for this environmental disaster is not quite clear until now. Korea argues that the factory activities and deserts of China caused these dusts with it being transferred to Korea by the wind. On the other hand China believes that most of the fine dust is the creation of Korea’s own pollutants. As you can see there is no end to the blaming. But the danger is still imminent.
[ I have an interview with an acquaintance of my mother
who was an inhabitant of Canada for 2 years. ]
Q: What do you think of the current air quality in Seoul?
A: I believe that it is unbelievably horrible. It is always a nuisance to buy and distribute masks to my family. We really can’t do a thing outdoors anymore.
Q: How different is the air from Canada?
A: Due to my long stay in Canada and other countries previous to that, I can assure you no place was as bad as Korea.
Q: As a mother and as a member of the society what do you think is the wisest way to solve this problem?
A: Well, I am not an expert or anything but, it seems that the government needs to pass policies, limiting air pollution and to engage in this matter in a much more focused manner. Whether it be negotiating with China or bringing national changes, it does not matter. Something needs to be done fast.■

To conclude, no matter what the readings say, there is no doubt that the problem of all this fine dust is on both countries whether or not whose fault is bigger. There should be conventions dedicated to this notion and technology improved in both nations. To make a world where you can freely inhale the air, there needs to be instant action such as planting trees and creating green belts. Or there could be a method where all the citizens participate in growing plants and trees of their own to minimize the effects of fine dust.



Andrew Sung
Yeoksam Middle School

Andrew Sung  student_reporter@dherald.com

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  • owen kim 2019-07-16 19:02:19

    I really impressed by your article. I hope these serious problems to be solved someday.   삭제

    • Im Dakyoung 2019-03-04 19:13:01

      Great article! Yes, the air quality is so bad I even saw a report that our air is worse than China, where the pollutants came from. I like how you included an interview to represent the general thoughts of the citizens.   삭제

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