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Are You Part of the Netflix Generation?
Written by Jiyoon Ryu | Published. 2019.03.20 21:53 | Count : 943
Netflix, the rising media service, caught the attention of people around the globe, regardless of their age. I also have a Netflix account and use the service daily several times. In Korea, even in recent years, Netflix was not popular. So what caught their attention? I believe the contribution of involving characterized media that Koreans were interested in allured the customers. Medias in Netflix sometimes disappear and appear depending on the country that you are currently staying, which you can experience when you travel abroad. Difference in media by preference of each country can be a definite benefit of Netflix.
As there is an increase of people having an account, there is also an appearance of people who only watch Netflix rather than “original television”. I questioned myself why it might be more attractive and used more. As I found myself using Netflix more often, I became curious if any of my classmates also spent more time watching Netflix more than “actual television”. I am aware that we can watch Netflix shows in television. However, I am referring to the cable TV shows that people normally refer to as “watching television”. Because of this reason, I interviewed students with Netflix accounts from my school. I also had a discussion about their preferred genre.
[A student during discussion. Photo Credit: Jiyoon Ryu]

Q. Do you think there is a change in time of watching “television” after having a Netflix account?  “Yes for sure! The time I spent on watching television noticeably declined. And I normally use Netflix and watch shows from there because Netflix provides all the shows I want to watch.” - Student 1

Q. What do you usually watch in Netflix in terms of genres?
“I mostly watch high teen, romance, and comedies.” - Student 1

Q. Do you think there is a change in terms of time (watching) after you got your Netflix account? “Yes, of course! I used to watch television only for the reason of movies. However since from I got my Netflix account, I don’t watch television often. I watch television 3 hours maximum per week, and I watch Netflix about 5 hours a week.” - Student 2

Q. What kind of genres do you mostly enjoy in Netflix?
“I usually enjoy romance or action. And one of my favorite shows include Riverdale.” Student 2

Q. Is there a change in time of watching “television” after you made your Netflix account?
“I believe there is change. I use Netflix more than TV because I like the fact that in Netflix, I can watch shows anywhere and anytime without limitation. And I really enjoy media by Netflix. Time watching television decreased gradually also the time I spend in Netflix gradually increased.” Student 3

Q. What kind of genres do you find yourself enjoyed?
“I watch dramas in romantic genres with my sister mostly.” Student 3

Q. You do not have a Netflix account is that correct?
“Yes that is correct.” - Student 4

Q. What holds you back from making an account?
“I am not a fan of dramas or movies so I didn’t make one.” - Student 4

Q. If you were to have one, which genre or a show would you find yourself most enjoyed?
“Definitely Sherlock! I am more interested in mystery genre than romantic genre.” Student 4

During my homeroom class, we also get to watch movies or shows in Netflix that students want to enjoy together. It is a way to get together with the same grade friends and spend time watching media that we have common interest in. Every classmate in my homeroom loves this time not just because they can watch television, but to have a memorable time with their peers. My classmates and homeroom teacher found it easy to use Netflix because the media are diverse and the service is very easy to handle and use.

[Netflix on Laptop / Photo Credit: The Korea Herald, http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20170418000534&ACE_SEARCH=1]
Q. Do you think Netflix contributed in making homeroom better?
“I think it is very helpful for our classroom environment because due to the fact that we watched a show together, it creates empathy in something to talk about. And that is how people usually get close to each other by sharing similar experiences.” Student 2
“I believe that the time that our homeroom class spent watching Netflix is very valuable. I believe it helps to make a comfortable environment for students. I believe there can be a disadvantage just like others; addiction is one of the problems that students or even just normal people found hard to manage. I also found myself holding my phone and watching shows in Netflix for a long time even I acknowledge that I need to put down my phone and start to do something else.” Student 3

Q. Do you find yourself addicted to Netflix? If not, how do you manage to avoid addiction?
“I do not consider as an addict to Netflix, I try to limit the time of watching Netflix by dividing the number of episodes I watch per day, and I try to avoid binge watching.” 
Student 1
“I do not think I am addicted to Netflix; I naturally stop watching Netflix by distractions such as my mom, text messages.” 
Student 2
[ A student during discussion/ Photo Credit: Jiyoon Ryu]
While Netflix is very useful and very simple service that leads customers to satisfaction of the service, I strongly believe that it can also be serious problem when it is not handled cautiously with acknowledgement of watching time. Yet, I am certain that it is a service that can be contributed to make a school environment friendly and create a common interest among the students. I believe that there will be a new era of the brand new media in the future there are more people who are familiar with Netflix or similar media streaming services than “television”.


Jiyoon Ryu
9th grade
Seoul Scholars Liberal Arts & Sciences

Jiyoon Ryu  student_reporter@dherald.com

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