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AbortionIs It a CRIME?
Written by Andrew Sung | Published. 2019.05.12 17:33 | Count : 776
The law for punishing abortions was deemed to be unjust by the constitutional court and is now on course to be destroyed by 2020. Before this final decision was made by the court, there were serious disputes over two basic rights: the right of freedom of the mother and the right to live for the baby. The Korean government banned abortion for the last 6 decades and some said that it would be for the best if it stayed that way. However, it is hard to ignore the fervor of the woman-rights-movement, who was out for the freedom of choice and physical autonomy of women.
[photo of the dispute over abortion, http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20190412000651&ACE_SEARCH=1]
The advocates for abortion believe that the autonomy of women absolutely outweighs the life of the fetus. Rather than saving the life of a creature that cannot even think, we should respect the interests and conditions of women seeking abortion. On the other hand, the people opposing abortions view the unborn fetus as a living being. They deduce that, because the fetus is a human in their view, there is nothing more valuable than protecting the right to live for the unborn fetus.
[I interviewed an anonymous woman in a café after I got permission to take a picture and permission to submit the interview in an article on the internet. Photo courtesy= Lee Mi Young]
Q: As a woman, what is your stance on abortion?
A: I believe that abortion should be one of the most basic rights of women. It is ridiculous that we have to give birth to a baby that we may or may not want, when it is scientifically possible to stop this.
Q: Then are you saying that the unborn fetus does not count as a life form?
A: Well, to say it bluntly, I think that they do not really count as a cognitive living being until they are out of the womb. I am absolutely aware that there are thousands who disagree with me and do not want to anger them, but this is my opinion on this notion. Even if you can count the fetus as half a life form, I still believe that the right of freedom for the women has to be the priority.

Q: Thank you for your opinion. Lastly do you think that the legalization of abortion will make everything right?
A: It sure will save a lot of women from leading a miserable life with a child they did not want.
[Another interview of a woman who has a different view. Photo courtesy = Lee Mi Young]  
Q:  What is your opinion on the law concerning abortion?
A: I think that a fetus is also a living being that deserves to live. Performing an abortion would be like killing this small human life-form without it even knowing.
Q: What about the pregnant person who does not want the baby at all?
A: I think that they should hold the responsibility to take care of what they have brought to life, in the case the woman is not a sexual assault victim.
You can clearly see that every side has a point and both the rights that the sides are fighting for is evenly matched. But as the court ruled that punishing someone for abortion is unlawful, it is a decided fact that Korea will allows abortion by 2020.





Andrew Sung 
9th grade
Yeoksam middle school

Andrew Sung  student_reporter@dherald.com

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  • 조정후 2019-06-23 21:43:40

    I think abortion is not only a woman's right, but also an abortion's right, so it's a matter of reflection.   삭제

    • Jaehong Min 2019-06-20 14:15:03

      Abortion is definitely an issue of the modern world that is not simply two-sided, but lays on n a spectrum. I appreciate your take on the issue to interview women! I would have liked to see more thought-provoking questions, especially regarding the main claims of pro-life and pro-choice. Good job!   삭제

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