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The Reality of Specialized High School
Written by Ryu Na Kyung | Published. 2019.08.04 14:17 | Count : 1800

There are many different types of high schools in South Korea such as academic, international, science, and foreign language. Out of various types of high schools, the specialized high schools aim to educate students to be specialized in a particular field and help find jobs right after graduation.

Within the specialized high schools, there are also many types such as industrial, commercial, culinary, artistic, tourism and so on. There are many advantages to attending a specialized high school. As every student has his or her own major, he or she will most likely have strong will to study and pay attention to the school life. Also, since students have clear sense of purpose, they have confidence about their future career. In fact, students at a specialized high school where I visited for the interview seemed brighter compared to ordinary Korean high school students who are worn out form studying Suneung which is a Korean SAT(Scholastic Aptitude Test).

Also, the Korean government zeros in on the specialized high schools these days. The government provides many scholarship programs and hold various events and information sessions for the specialized high school students. The government increases the rate of hiring public servants from specialized high school students and provides many opportunities for them to build their own careers. Furthermore, the government made several regulations for making the good working environment for the students who get employed right after graduating high school.

In addition, there are many college programs for the students from the specialized high schools.
Students who get jobs right after graduation can apply for the college after they have worked for three years at a company where is related to their majors. They just need their high school grades and working experiences for applying the colleges. Also, after getting permission from the colleges, students can combine their working and studying lives.

To learn more about the detail of the specialized high school, I visited the HaeSung International Convention High Schoolwhich is one of the famous specialized high schools and had an interview with one of the seniors.

[Me interviewing Choi Kyu-ri who is a student of the HaeSung Internatioanl Convention high school]

Please, introduce yourself first.
“My name is Choi Kyu-ri. I have been studying in the Management Department of HaeSung Convention High School for three years. I am in the middle of the process of career search now and I want to get a job at the administrative department of a company.”

Why did you choose to enter a specialized high school?
“I was tired of just studying everyday repeatedly. I wanted to study more about practical subjects that I can use in the future. Also, I thought instead of entering a university right after graduation, starting a career first and having more work experience would be more helpful for me.”

What subjects do you focus on school?
“HaeSung Convention High School is a commercially specialized school. We focus on learning accounting, management, marketing, and other commercially related subjects. Freshmen year, there is no difference compared to other high schools. Students learn general subjects with very basic background about the commercial subjects. Sophomore year, most of the classes focus on learning practical business and getting various licenses such as Excel, FAT(Financial Analysis Tool), and Computerized accounting. As seniors, students start the real career search activities, preparing for job interviews and writing resumes.”

Do you recommend specialized high schools?
“Yes, of course. If you are a student who has a clear goal for your future career, you can learn  what you are really interested in and study more effectively at school. Also, you can get various  experience at the specialized school enjoying many events which are related to your major. Plus, there are thousands of benefits only for the specialized high schools such as very low tuition fees and opportunities to win the national contests.”

[HaeSung Convention High School]
[Textbooks of a Convention high school]

Overall, every student at HaeSung International Convention High School have high self-esteem about their school and decision. They told me that preparing Suneung for entering a university is not the only way for high school students to success. I really respect their decision to enter a specialized high school as they have courage to choose a different direction compared to the most Korean students and make efforts to achieve their own goals.

Ryu Na Kyung
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    As a student at SIS, I've only really met people from other international schools and wasn't really aware of all the different types of schools in Korea! I'm curious as to whether a specialized HS degree helps students get jobs without a college degree!   삭제

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