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How Gaming and Fashion YouTubers Are Working
Written by Hayeon Shin | Published. 2020.07.08 09:29 | Count : 361

Do you like to watch movies and videos, or chat with your friends online? Because of advanced communication technologies such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, the online channels and websites we use to engage in these activities have become an important part of our lives.

Now, however, people can’t go outside because of COVID-19, which has led them to spend even more time using such online services.
As a result, many YouTubers and Instagrammers have been seeing their numbers of subscribers skyrocket. While some types of channels have not seen any increase at all or have even lost subscribers.

[Interviewing YouTuber, “Great Library” (DaeDoSeoGwan: Na Dong Hyun).
Photo Credit: Jerica Yoon]

The Korean YouTuber “Great Library,” who operates a gaming channel with 1.8 million subscribers, built on his previous success during the coronavirus pandemic, despite the slow start at the beginning of his YouTube career. He has a YouTube Gold Button, which means that YouTuber has more than 1 million subscribers. Before Great Library was working on his YouTube channel, he was working at the company that created the Cyworld, a very popular Korean social networking platform that launched in 1999. Cyworld failed to maintain its popularity, however, and was eventually shut down. Great Library started to think about making his own company because he wanted to create a digital brand of his own. So, he found websites where he could broadcast live and eventually chose YouTube as the most suitable one for him. He entertains his viewers while maintaining a certain moral standard, meaning that he doesn’t swear or hit things in frustration in his videos, which made advertisers want to put advertisements more.

Since the coronavirus pandemic started, Great Library’s profits have increased. The reasons are that many more people than usual have been spending their days at home playing games and, naturally, watching videos about games as well. With this change, Great Library’s videos have been getting a lot more views than usual. 

[Interviewing Super Model YouTuber, Sora Lee. Screenshot by Hayeon Shin]

Sora Lee is a very famous model in Korea, who has 28 years of career. She has her own YouTube Channel with 90,000 subscribers and uploads videos about her fashion, beauty tips, and daily routine. She films and edits her videos by herself. Sora Lee has been doing YouTube for nine months and started YouTube because she wanted to share stories of her past and beauty tips with others through videos. 

Although Sora Lee has been running her channel for only nine months, she already has 90,000 subscribers. This means that she has been getting 10,000 new subscribers a month, which is quite a feat.  Even she is a very famous supermodel, she didn’t have a very large number of subscribers at first. One of the reasons is that she learned how to film/edit by herself so she couldn’t upload the videos often nor make longer videos. She prefers to make short and fun films. 
When she makes videos for her channels, she feels happy to meet new people on YouTube. Sora Lee said she is happy to meet people with similar thoughts and hobbies through YouTube, to get to know subscribers little by little through comments and to get close to people through YouTube. 

Many people from different ages and gender can enjoy Great Library’s content, and he always tries to communicate and make fun content for his subscribers. Sora Lee is working hard for her videos even she has to edit and films all of them, and her job is not only a YouTuber. She communicates with her subscribers very well which makes people happier, and we can see the replies from Sora Lee from all the comments on her channel.

Overall, it seems like both YouTubers are uploading videos steadily and making content about the things that they like and enjoy, so other people can also enjoy them. Although many people can't do what they want or like, Sora Lee and the Great Library do and enjoy what they like. I think that's what makes people attracted to their content and watch them.




Hayeon Shin
Middle (7th Grade)
Branksome Hall Asia

Hayeon Shin  student_reporter@dherald.com

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