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Written by Amy Park | Published. 2020.10.12 19:10 | Count : 563

With the continuation of Covid-19, people started to adjust to this new system. While Covid-19 is considered the biggest global health threat in recent history, it also allowed people to find their new enjoyable hobbies. Because all of the team sports such as soccer, basketball, and volleyball are prohibited now with the rapid increase of Covid-19, sports like cycling, and hiking are favored by many people since they are not prohibited. One of these activities, cycling, is what I also found fun over the past few weeks. To acknowledge more about cycling, I found a professional cycling shop called Lap 306 through after a search of looking for a professional biking shop that provides bicycles with good quality. The three people that have established this shop sell bicycles. Not only this, but they produce mechanical service, educate about cycling, and offer shelters for people who visit their shop. One of them is Ms. Jumi Song, who worked in the bicycle industry for over 10 years and won numerous prizes in amateur road races in recent years. She has stated that the noticeable increase in people cycling in Korea is after the cross country bicycle roads were completed in 2012 along the Four Major Rivers. On top of this, she also explained that people are not only cycling due to the lack of activities with Covid-19, but with innumerable benefits of cycling.  

[Picture with two people that have established the shop. Photo credit: Mi Young Park]

While cycling, Ms. Jumi Song stated that it concentrates the core, hamstrings, and tricep muscles, which improves the overall fitness level and strengthens those particular muscles, which succors in daily life. Ms. Jumi Song, in particular, has recognized that cycling naturally leads to healthy weight loss. In a short amount of time, she felt more “light”, which helped her to eat healthy meals regularly. “Unlike the unhealthy way of losing weight such as skipping a meal, cycling is a paramount way to control your weight without stress and in a short period of time,” she explained. However, she described that if people do not choose the most suitable bicycle for them or in proper posture, they might not be able to acquire the benefits of cycling. In the long term, they have harmful effects on their body. “This is why we educate about choosing the right bicycles for everyone and teach the proper position of cycling,” she reminded. 

Along with the physical benefits, mental benefits are also a major benefit that Ms. Jumi Song noticed. She mentioned that there was a clear acknowledgement of benefits before and after cycling. “Because riding a bicycle requires a precise concentration, bad weather or a bad day does not distract me while cycling. Instead, I forget them while cycling, which amazes me as well,” she revealed, smiling. Adding on, she also mentioned that with the precise concentration, not only does it help when cycling, but it improves critical thinking and attentiveness in everyday life. But most importantly, she stressed that cycling made her feel free. “No one can distract me or disagree with me while cycling. This is the only time where I can concentrate on myself and nothing else.” 

Ms. Jumi Song also brought up a program that bestows awards for people with stamps, providing that they have cycled the country. After this program was released, a number of people have reached their goal and got various awards from this program. “I think with this sense of accomplishment that people feel, cycling has been a trend since and naturally encouraged people to stay outdoors and exercise, ”, she added. 

[Interviewing with Jumi Song. Photo credit: Mi Young Park]

With my personal experience of visiting Lab 306 and getting to know more about cycling and its benefits, this lured me into having more interest in it. Although many people are aware of the benefits and significance of it, you will not know the real advantage of cycling if you do not try it out! There are myriads of activities in the world that people can enjoy. However, Ms. Jumi Song firmly ascertained that “cycling is the only and the fastest sport that allows people to go to their best with their own strength.” Along with this, she mentioned, “for people who felt this enjoyment and accomplishment while cycling, it keeps luring them to cycle despite their busy schedules, without even noticing, which is what I felt over the past few years”, she concluded. So, why miss out on this extraordinary opportunity? Don’t hesitate, start cycling!

Amy Park
Grade 10
Seoul Foreign School

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