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Is MBTI Really Related to Personalities?
Written by Hayeon Shin | Published. 2020.12.23 19:56 | Count : 1113

People of the present-day want to know about other people very much, and also about themselves. There are free tests and knowledge on the Internet that do not require counseling or paying for many such people.

MBTI-16 personality is one of the most famous free tests that test people’s personalities. MBTI stands for Myers-Briggs(The name of test creators) Type Indicator, and it is a free test that is very easy to do which made it really famous. Various people around the world use it. However, can we trust the tests that can be done without paying money? What if this MBTI is FAKE? 

Senior Researcher Suyeong Choi learned psychology at Smith College and after earning her doctorate in psychology. She is a Senior Researcher at a company called Assesta, and taught college professors how to do career counseling last year. She consulted with many family members this year especially parents with elementary or middle school children or just students, on how to create a happy family relationship using personality tests. The tests that Assesta is using were usually from the USA. Suyeong Choi is working on Koreanizing questions and methods so that Koreans can understand them because there are differences in language, characteristic, and cultures.

[Photo of Ms. Choi explaining about family relationship in a video. Photo Credit: Suyeong Choi]

Suyeong Choi stressed that the MBTI-16 personality is fake and that there are many problems. It is a very famous and easy free test, but not actually related to personality. “It was created by an England company and translated to Korean.” Suyeong Choi said according to e-mail interviews by Korean media such as Chosunilbo and Joongangilbo with the England company, they received an answer that MBTI-16 personality is not related to psychology. 

According to a senior researcher Suyeong Choi, there are a variety of problems in the MBTI. There are only two choices in real MBTI: Yes and No, but there are five choices in 16 personality. Not many people choose one or five, and because of that, it can give very similar results to people. In Assesta’s MBTI, only people with professional certificates get results and have feedback sessions with users. However, there is no one responsible for wrong results and no standard for professionalism. 

Senier researcher Suyeong Choi said positive things about real MBTI. It is a test that reflects and modifies the psychology and behavior of people which has changed over time. MBTI was made in 1975 and renewed four times. Also, people can understand human relationships, about themselves, and each other. According to Ms. Suyeong Choi, in the case of the U.S., it was used a lot by the company to increase the efficiency of work, and used by companies such as Samsung Electronics and SK in Korea. She highlighted that fake MBTI should not be taken seriously or considered 100 percent accurate.

Counselor Suhee Lee learned psychology and working at Assesta as a counseling doctor. She liked counseling and solving the problems of others since she was young. She is good at youth career education counseling and group or individual counseling.

[Dr. Suhee Lee counseling. Photo credit: Suhee Lee]

According to counselor Suhee Lee, most students and schools use MBTI and TCI-personality tests similar to MBTI- to tests their personalities. However there is no need to worry about using fake MBTI because schools buy and use certified tests from Assesta when inspecting. Counselor Suhee Lee also recommended tests called Guide and Strong, and they are for career decisions or jobs. She said it is better to be careful and know well because there are many unqualified people these days.

In conclusion, it is helpful to know about ourselves and human relationships through personality tests. However it can cause bad results when people don’t be careful or use the wrong methods. 

Fake MBTI has a high probability of getting wrong results and has no one to take responsibility for it. Hence people have to be careful. We learn about our strengths, characteristics, understand ourselves, and relationship of people which expands understanding and perspectives through MBTI. There are many kinds of tests in the world, so it might be helpful to know about ourselves for people relationships.



Hayeon Shin
8th Grade
Saint Johnsbury Academy Jeju

Hayeon Shin  student_reporter@dherald.com

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