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Remembering Nazar MohammadKhashs Zwan, an Afghan comedian, was killed in late July by the Taliban. But his legacy will continue to live on.
Written by Ethan Lee | Published. 2021.10.22 22:52 | Count : 226


Khashs Zwan, an Afghan comedian, was killed in late July by the Taliban. But his legacy will continue to live on.


Afghan comedian Nazar Mohammad (photo: Twitter reproduction)


Why people laugh? In this world of sheer reality and animosity, why we need humor? Isn’t it ironic that a sense of humor is the most essential appeaser in time of war? Let’s delve into what happened in Afghanistan where the Taliban brutally took over the whole country, even an innocent comedian.


As the United States military withdrew from Afghanistan, ending a 20 year occupation, the Taliban soldiers swiftly took over. With Afghanistan’s economy left in crises, high rates of poverty, malnutrition, lack of health care, and poor sanitation, the country lies in an extreme state of urgency.


Afghan comedian Khashs Zwan, going by the name Nazar Mohammad, was killed late-July. 


A few weeks before his death, only a few had heard of him beyond his village in Kandahar. However, a viral video of two Taliban men keeping Zwan in custody exposed him to millions.



Comedian Nazar Mohammad with the two Taliban men before his death (photo: Twitter reproduction)


Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid acknowledged that the two men were Taliban, and the death has incited calls for justice across Afghanistan and around the world. In response, Mujahid has issued a statement, stating that the men have been arrested and will be tried as he believes that the Taliban should have brought Zwan before court first instead of killing him.


Khashs Zwan’s death has caused many to become more apprehensive of the Taliban and their austere and immoral actions. Their hypocrisy is grisly exposed by the fact that the Taliban, who guaranteed safety for people who had previously worked for the government or with the United States, killed Zwan, who had once worked for the Afghan National Police.


Zwan will be remembered as a symbol of bravery - even in his last moments, he made jokes about the Taliban directly in front of them.


In this world of dilemma and irony, as a student I think more people should care about what’s happening around the world, react to them not with mockery or indifference but with sympathy and with sense of humor, as it is the easiest way to understand and communicate with each other in time of need.

Comedian Andrew Doyle reacted to Zwan’s death by stating a quote from Hannah Arendt: “The greatest enemy of authority is contempt, and the surest way to undermine it is laughter.”


Ethan Lee

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