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Hurricane Harvey’s Havoc
Written by Sydney Chun | Published. 2017.11.01 20:15 | Count : 1088
On August 24th, Hurricane Harvey struck and wreaked major havoc on the Gulf Coast. Initially starting out as a tropical storm, it killed approximately one person and injured at least seven others as it became a full-fledged hurricane. 
Although it has caused damage all along the Gulf Coast, a lot of it has been inflicted upon Texas. Precautionary measures to take have been released by the state’s government, warning citizens to look out for themselves. 

“Turn around, don’t drown. Don’t risk your life. The most important thing all Texans can do is to put your life and the protection of your life first and foremost,” Governor Greg Abbott advised his people in regards to the major flooding in Texas. 
[Promotional image for the Seoul Supports Houston
fundraising campaign (Source: The Korea Herald)]
With 130 mph sustained winds, it has been deemed a Category 4 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Wind Scale. Hurricane Harvey is sandwiched between 2001’s Hurricane Erin (Category 3) and 2005’s Hurricane Katrina (Category 5). 
The major impacts of the hurricane include damage to buildings, falling of trees, power outages, and flooding. Fortunately, Texas is “prepared to handle much more,” as stated by Rocky Vaz, director of the Dallas Office of Emergency Management. 
Out of the four, flooding seems to be the most devastating effect that Harvey has brought to Texas. The National Weather Service has taken initiative to ensure that citizens remain indoors at all times; especially since the extreme rainfall is expected to last around five days. 
[A man carries his belonging as he walks through the flooded waters in Houston 
on Sunday as the US fourth city city battles with tropical storm Harvey and
resulting floods. (Source: AFP-Yonhap via The Korea Herald)]
It is still a bit early to determine the exact logistics of the hurricane, but damage reports and other types of data collection are currently being constructed. The method of repair that will be used to take care of Harvey’s damage has not yet been determined, but that will be taken care of once the immediate danger subsides.
Hurricane Harvey is the first Category 4 hurricane since Hurricane Charley, which means that the gap between the two natural disasters extends to about 13 years. It’s very difficult (if not impossible) to track down the exact cause of this hurricane, but the signs hint a very plausible cause -- global warming.
With weather fluctuations and extreme natural disasters around every corner, it’s safe to say that taking measures to protect the environment is an effective way to preserve the world we live in. 

Mr. Hall, a passionate Global Perspectives teacher at Seoul Foreign School, provided some insight regarding the hurricane.
“I often think about what would happen if I was in that situation -- if I’d be prepared,” Mr. Hall says thoughtfully. “We kind of have it in the back of our mind, but we don’t think about it much in a place where you should probably think about it. Here, it isn’t natural disasters, but political disasters.” 
It’s difficult to place oneself in the shoes of another when a situation (like a hurricane) seems so far away. But with escalating political tensions between the two Koreas, the unimaginable isn’t quite so far away as one may think it to be. Mr. Hall’s wise words will warn students to keep a wary eye on the status quo of this country.
[A pick up truck is towed out of a flooded ditch after being swept away by flood waters on Texas 249 in Houston, Texas. (Source: EPA-Yonhap via The Korea Herald)]
There will always be conflict in the world, but with that, there will also always be solutions to those problems. Whether it is something as rudimentary as tossing plastic water bottles in the recycling bin or spreading awareness through social media, benefits will be reaped -- no matter how small. At times, it’s difficult to see a change that doesn’t have immediate effects. But with heightened time and cooperation, perhaps the rain will cease and the sun will begin shine. 

Sydney Chun
Grade 10
Seoul Foreign School

Sydney Chun  student_reporter@dherald.com

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