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Freshman Orientation
Written by Violet Hyun | Published. 2018.03.23 16:27 | Count : 1908
“Eyy….we want some new faces!”
“Eyy….we are the new faces!”
With enthusiastic pep rally chants, the Phoenix Gym in Korea International School was crowded with new faces of rising freshmen. All students were excited to start their four-year journey in high school.
[Entrance of Korea International School, picture taken by Violet Hyun]
On August 4th, when only three days were left until the school begins, the Freshman orientation was held in Phoenix Gym, KIS. The link leaders and several teachers helped out to set up the venue for the beginning of the upcoming school year. Freshman orientation was a great opportunity for the first year students to be introduced to the high school.
During the freshman orientation, there were several fun activities that the students were able to participate in. These activities included different types of games that focus on teamwork and communication, as well as helping the students know each other better. By playing these games, students also learned the importance of communicating, cooperating, and team building. One of the rising freshman students, Grace Choi quoted, “I have learned countless lessons from this orientation, but the major lesson that I learned was that no matter what, whenever I am suffering or having a hard time at school, my friends, link leaders, and teachers are always there for me. The link leaders were very friendly, which made the students feel comfortable asking for help. They did a wonderful job introducing the students to a new environment with a lot of courage and hard work.”
Zion Yu, another rising freshman, quoted, “I had numerous worries as the first day of high school was approaching. I worried so much about the finals, upperclassmen, and much more, because it is something I never experienced previously in middle school. However, after attending the freshman orientation, I received some advice and listened to the link leaders’ stories of their actual experiences which made me feel more comfortable afterwards.”
[List of what every freshman should know, picture taken by Violet Hyun]
Even though the freshman orientation was not compulsory, every student who attended said that it was a significant day for them. On this single day, they learned a lot about high school as well as some ways to overcome and thrive through the four years in high school successfully.



Violet Hyun
Grade 9
Korea International School

Violet Hyun  student_reporter@dherald.com

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