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How My Friends Think About K-pop
Written by Yejun Lee | Published. 2018.03.29 23:35 | Count : 894

There are lots of different cultures that influence people all around the world.     K-pop is a cultural influence with global fans that is spreading South Korean culture. We know that K-pop is famous and inspires many young people, but what exactly is K-pop? 

K-pop stands for Korean Pop Music which is a music genre that originated in South Korea. K-pop is gaining popularity all around the globe especially among teenagers. Artists like BTS, EXO, Bigbang, Wanna One and Girls’ Generations are examples of K-pop artists. K-pop gained popularity in the mid-2000s. It first spread to Japan, a country located near South Korea. Next was China and other countries in East Asia. Then, K-pop began spreading around the world.

[Wanna One, is a famous boy band
in South Korea. The image above presents
a picture of Wanna One’s album, 0+1=1.

I interviewed my friend Justin, who goes to Long Fellow Middle School. His parents are Chinese, but he was born in Maryland, USA. Justin is a huge K-pop fan. I asked him a few questions about his interest in K-pop.

[My friend Justin, Picture taken by Yejun Lee]

How often do you listen to K-pop?
I listen to it every day. When I have nothing to do or when I’m bored, I listen to it. For example, when I’m on the school bus or when I have free time, I enjoy listening to K-pop. Sometimes I listen to it while I am studying! K-pop is like a friend of mine, something that is fundamental and necessity in my daily life. I can’t stop listening it. I’m really addicted to K-pop. My mom sometimes yells at me, but I listen to it anyway.

Why do you listen to it?
I listen to it simply because it is so good. There is everything I like in the song. The artists are good at both singing and dancing. When I see the group dancing, they look like a single unit. When one person goes right, everyone else goes right. If one person goes down, everyone goes down. It looks fantastic! I just look at them with awe. I think to myself “How much do they practice every day to be like superstars on the stage?”

How did you learn about it?
I first learned about K-pop when my friend introduced it to me. He said it was great. My friends showed me a Music Video and some songs. So, I listened to it, and discovered it was fantastic! I thanked my friend, and then I began to listen to it every day. 

Do you want to recommend K-pop to friends and if yes, why?
I recommend K-pop to my friends. I do this because I’m sure that they would like it. They would be amazed like me when I first heard the music. My friends will thank me. I can’t wait to spread K-pop to all of my friends!

Pros and cons.
I do not have any cons. I like everything about K-pop. There are lots of genre I could choose like rap, R&B, and even Western Pop! The artists are skilled. They are good singers and dancers. It’s really hard to do both singing and dancing well, but they manage to do it. The songs are good, like Gangnam Style, which has an addictive rhythm and lyrics. 

Do you have any other opinion about K-pop?
I hope K-pop stays the same. I mean I hope it continues to produce wonderful songs and skilled artists. If it maintains its high standards, I’m sure that everybody will like K-pop.

K-pop really has had a powerful impact on my friend Justin. I’m proud of this because it means that Korean culture is spreading globally. And I thank to my friend Justin who answered all my questions. 



Yejun Lee 
7th grade
Longfellow Middle School

Yejun Lee  student_reporter@dherald.com

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