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Make Them Hear YouSIS Spring Choir Concert 2018
Written by Rachel Lee | Published. 2018.05.02 21:24 | Count : 672
For the past few decades, the SIS end-of-semester concert featured the school orchestra, band, strings ensemble, and multiple choirs. However, this made the concert drone on for hours and hours, costing too much time for both the performers and audience members. Additionally, the choirs would always have to perform on risers set in front of the auditorium stage because there was no time for the previous performers (with instruments) to move off the stage.  This gave the choirs limited opportunities to experiment with their performances.  But for the first time in school history, the multiple choirs of SIS got their chance to shine in a choir-only concert.

This concert featured the Coda-Opus and Prelude choirs from the middle school and Ladies Choir, Men’s Choir, Ambassadors, and Concert Choir from the high school. This was a new experience because the middle school and high school usually have separate concerts.  Because there were so many choirs involved in the concert, the concert began and ended with two “combined choir” performances. 
[Combined Choirs perform “This is Me” from “The Greatest Showman” soundtrack. (Photo taken by Karen Yuh)]
Ladies Choir was the first to perform out of all of the high school choirs. They performed three songs: Stronger by Kelly Clarkson, Skyfall by Adele, and Wings by Little Mix. During dress rehearsal, it seemed like the concert would be a catastrophe. Most of the members couldn’t remember the lyrics to the songs, and the sudden input of choreography made things even messier. This can be partially attributed to the fact that most of the choir consisted of graduating seniors and the fact that Ladies Choir only got to rehearse after school on Mondays. Because of college applications and interviews, many often had to miss the after school classes and thus didn’t know the song as well as they could. However, there was a team effort during the concert not to embarrass the choir department as a whole, and the three songs went on without mistake.
[Ladies Choir performs “Skyfall”. (Photo taken by Karen Yuh)]
Although not an official club or choir, Glee club was given the opportunity to perform one musical number during the concert. Although in the past, a glee club was known as an all-male a capella group, it’s now open to members of both genders. The SIS chapter’s rendition of “Another Day of Sun” from La La Land was highlighted by not only the members’ stellar vocals but also the little touches into their outfits; all members wore bits of red to show their solidarity as a team.
[The SIS Glee Club performs “Another Day of Sun” from “La La Land.” (Photo taken by Rachel Lee)]
Concert Choir had an unforgettable entrance at the beginning of their first song, September by Earth, Wind, and Fire. They marched onto the stage as rainbow lights shone all around them. The choir director, Ms. Whitney Meininger, made the deliberate decision of putting energetic choreography into the song to help singers loosen up and match the pizzazz of the song. Other musical numbers of their performance included 21 Guns by Green Day and A Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay.
[Concert Choir performs “A Sky Full of Stars.” (Photo taken by Karen Yuh)]
Men’s Choir only had one musical number, but they made sure to make the most out of it. Incorporating comedy into their performance, they sung “The Longest Time” by Billy Joel. By singing it to the high school counselor (Ms. Conant), their performance not only pleased the ears of audience members but also made it a joy to watch! It was a peculiarly funny sight to watch the boys serenade our counselor, a respected member of the school faculty.
The Ambassadors ensemble was the final regular choir to perform at the concert. This choice in order made sense, as Ambassadors is the only audition choir and therefore the most prestigious out of all the choirs. For the first time in school history, Ambassadors ditched the red gowns and tuxedos that usually symbolize their membership in the choir, and went for a less popping choice of white blouses and dress shirts. The Scientist, Viva La Vida, and Run to You were the three songs they sung at the Spring Concert.
This concert marked the beginning of a new era for the SIS choir department. From the absence of the red Ambassador gowns to the combined choir numbers, it proved that change might be odd to see at first, but may be for the better; it would be safe to say that all choirs were fairly proud of their performances this April.


Rachel Lee
Grade 9
Seoul International School 9

Rachel Lee  student_reporter@dherald.com

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