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Event in Gangnam Station
Written by Grace Lee | Published. 2019.06.26 21:51 | Count : 1684
This April, a singing and dancing competition started to take place at Gangnam station which interested many passing by. This event is called 365 days Fun & Pan Gangnam and goes on until this coming November.
[The stage of the event. Photo credits to Grace Lee]
365 days Fun & Pan  Gangnam is different from other singing and dancing competitions in that anyone can participate in it. Also, there are no age limits, so it is open even for younger children. 
Towards the end of this June, there were many people that came to see this event and participate in it. Both Koreans and foreigners were there to compete. It started off with the MC introducing the participant who was going to give his performance. Majority of the participants did a dance performance. However, each performance had songs of different moods which created a different atmosphere for each performance. This made the audience able to stay focused and interested on the performances. At the end, there was an announcement of the winner and a reward for the winner.
I interviewed a participant from the competition. He was 8 years old and also the youngest participant of this competition. Questions were asked regarding the performance he gave and about the competition itself. 

The first question was about how he knew about and participated in the competition. He said that he had started to dance since he was four and was participating in many dance competitions and events. He talked about his love for dancing and performing in front of an audience and that he wanted to have as many chances to perform as possible.
[Haejun Noh, one of the performers. Photo credits to Grace Lee]
The second question was about how he felt about this competition and the performance he gave. He said that this competition has been a good opportunity for him to be able to perform in front of many audiences in public with people passing by also looking at him and his dance. He also talked about how though he was nervous at first, he got more relaxed as he started to dance and it was good to have the chance to perform in public.
While there was a competition going on between the participants, there was also encouragement, and the participants all gave a huge applause after each performance. The audience also enjoyed themselves during this event, slightly dancing along the rhythm and wrapped up in the performances. This event gave opportunities for the performers and the audience good time.


Grace Lee 
Grade 8
Cheongna Dalton School

Grace Lee  student_reporter@dherald.com

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  • Rachel Lee 2019-07-11 14:10:38

    I found this article really interesting as I haven't ever really seen dance showcases or competitions outside of the Hongdae area! After reading the article, I felt curious on whether the winner received a prize or if it was purely just for fun!   삭제

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