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How To Be A Considerate Dog Owner
Written by Kristen Cho | Published. 2021.01.11 17:39 | Count : 1361

Almost 6 million people just in South Korea responded that they have dogs/cats as a part of their family. Many of them decide whether or not to bring the dog depending on their instantaneous desire rather than considering many more factors that should be considered. These days, many dog trainers train and teach both the dogs and the dog owners for a much more happy life. Dogs, when they are in a developmental stage, which is the time when they learn how to socialize and establish hierarchy, need straightforward and accurate training. The overflowing questions that I wanted to ask were not answered enough with a “Dog Owner Blogs” which led me to interview a dog trainer, Insik Yoo.

[A Copy of Email conversation with the Dog trainer, Insik Yoo]

More often than not, dog owners are curious about whether their pets perceive them as a part of the family or not. When adopting my first dog, the same question arose in my head. According to Mr.Yoo, dogs do not possess the same scope of feelings as us humans have. Rather than going through an abstract and complicated flow of emotions, dogs experience simple sensations such as happiness, anxiety, and more. Due to their plain way of perceiving, it is hard to claim that they consider themselves as part of human families. Nonetheless, it is clear that their owners take a big part of their lives, indicating that the dog owners mean a world to them. Dog owners who started to get to know their dogs and started their pet life should always acknowledge that they are everything to them, and thus act with love and responsibility. 

[A picture of the trainer’s certificate. Photo credit: Insik Yoo]

Therefore, the owners must provide proper care and look after their well-being. This is the area where the importance of dog trainers arises. Mr.Yoo suggests that the dog training process is not only about training the dog, but also about teaching the dog owners. It is all about giving them the opportunity to understand the significance of their lifestyle which eventually affects their dog’s attitude and personality. For instance, dog owners who often neglect their dogs in an unorganized and unsanitized environment complain about how they are not satisfied with their dog’s attitude and personality, which are created by them. Furthermore, he explained that the dogs feel the happiest when their owners come back home after staying home by themselves and the saddest when they are starved and abused for a long period of time. With these expected emotional states, the owners should be responsible for the next 10~15 years for the dog in order to prevent them from living a dismal life. 

It can be understood from this interview that the mutual happiness and connection of the owner and the dog are the greatest when the owner well acknowledges his or her role and completes the significant duty. As Mr.Yoo emphasized, dogs should not be perceived as burdensome subjects, but the ill-mannered keepers should be. Hence, we, the owners of pets, either before adopting one or even after years of having one, should  always be aware of their demeanors and consider their lifelong companions. 

There are many other factors that should be considered before adopting a dog, but the first time should always start with the mind of responsibility and love. An impulsive choice that you make after looking at a cute puppy without any preparation can eventually end up with the puppy at a shelter or poor environment. There are countless steps that need to be taken before bringing a new family member home: researching the dog, preparing all the necessary goods for the puppy, and arranging a veterinarian near your home. Bringing a new family home is not an easy decision but it sure is a happy decision that you will ever make.



Kristen Cho
Grade 10
Seoul  Foreign School

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